Spend the night in one of Friesland 's most unique lodges at the waterside

Overnachten in de natuur in Frieslands mooiste waterlodges

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Featured holiday homes

Water lodge Reidsjonger (4 pers)

4 bedden Prijs per nacht vanaf €71,85
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Water lodge Sweltsje (4 pers)

4 bedden Prijs per nacht vanaf €85,42
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Water lodge Ljip (6 pers)

6 bedden Prijs per nacht vanaf €70,42
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Pean-buiten: 12 unusual, unconventional waterside holiday homes

If you’re looking for something a little different for your holiday, then Pean-buiten is the perfect location. Centrally situated in Friesland, Pean-buiten is nestled in the ‘Peansterbosk’ (Pean-woods) on open water and close to the Alde Feanen nature reserve. Peaceful surroundings, plenty of privacy for each house, a separate main car park, and yet you can be out on the water in less than a minute sailing amongst a hive of water sport activities.

For spring 2021, there’ll be 12 spacious, unconventional waterside holiday homes available. Each house has its own character, so there’s always something to match differing holiday needs. Whether it’s in terms of the number of people staying overnight, or in terms of the facilities, interior design, atmosphere or level of luxury.

Each house offers plenty of privacy in spacious plots of some 300 m2. A footpath winds its way through the park and circles round the pond in the middle. The landing stage, the Greft, reaches out into open water and is accessible for anyone staying at Pean-buiten. The houses located directly on the water’s edge also have their own landing stages.

Pean-buiten is located in the ‘Peansterbosk’ away from the other Pean accommodation so as to ensure seclusion and quiet.

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This map is clickable. Click on a house to view in detail.interactieve plattegrond Pean-buiten

Waterlodge Blaukopke Waterlodge Blaukopke Waterlodge Tomke Waterlodge Tomke Waterlodge Reidhintsje Waterlodge Reidhintsje Waterlodge Reidsjonger Waterlodge Reidsjonger Waterlodge Iisfûgel Waterlodge Iisfûgel Waterlodge Blaupoatsje Waterlodge Blaupoatsje Waterlodge Reade Wikel Waterlodge Reade Wikel Waterlodge Sweltsje Waterlodge Sweltsje Waterlodge Skries Waterlodge Skries Waterlodge Ljip Waterlodge Ljip Waterlodge Goudûle Waterlodge Goudûle Waterlodge Ljurk Waterlodge Ljurk

Three types of water lodges

The atmosphere at Pean-buiten

  • Small-scale with plenty of privacy around each house
  • Comfortable and sustainably built
  • The plots for the houses were determined by nature and a pond features in the marshy area
  • Raised paths connect the houses to the main path that winds through Pean-buiten.
  • A separate car park means there are no cars next to the houses
  • Good Wi-Fi, but no televisions
  • Beautiful views from the houses and their terraces
  • Each house has a wood burner

Maintenance at Pean-buiten

At Pean-buiten we do all we can to encourage and protect nature.

We like to let nature go her own way a little, so we let the grass grow just that little bit longer so that insects can find food. And we don’t always cut the bushes back or pick up the leaves when they fall – it’s perfect for birds. Our philosophy is our contribution to better biodiversity in Friesland. And it means you get to fully enjoy your stay in one of our waterside houses!

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Things to do at Pean-buiten

  • Sailing (with your own skipper)
  • Motoring in an electric skiff (boot trip routes available)
  • Cycling (the route with the bike ferries is highly recommended)
  • Visit the Skûtsje museum in Eernewoude and learn all about the old flat-bottomed boats
  • Visit the local villages Akkrum and Grou renowned for their water sports
  • Wander the nature reserves (the Deelen or Alde Feanen)

Would you like to find out more about what there is do in and around Pean -buiten?

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Wide range of meeting rooms

If you are looking for a meeting room for your group of 4 to 16 people, then the [Water lodge Goudûle] would make a very special location for you. And if you want to do something other than just meet, there’s a whole of range activities that can be organised by Pean-buiten.

If your group is much bigger, why not ask about the [meeting facilities Pean] offers in its larger buildings the Berch and Jister.

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