Good food at Pean-buiten

During the summer season at Pean-buiten, you can pick up a three-course meal to go from the main building, the Jister, two evenings a week. Enjoy a dinner prepared by our sailing school, renowned for its excellent meals and the use of local produce in its well-thought-out menus. We’ve also got a bucket list of restaurants and food bars you really need to visit while you’re in Friesland, so if you fancy enjoying an evening out of the kitchen, just ask us for tips.

The tastiest places in Friesland

A bucket list you need to work through during your stay…and if you don’t manage to tick everything off, we suggest you come back!

  • Picknickers. Where outdoor life is combined with other good things in life such as home-made food and drink and a great view. A fantastic food bar.
  • De Koken. Sit, lounge, or recline. Relax on one of the lounge sets with a cup of coffee and your favourite book or get coffee and cake to take-away. Eat your hangover away with good fried eggs or start your day with a clam.
  • Eetcafe Kromme Knilles. . Located in the centre of the water sports-oriented village of Akkrum, the Kromme Knilles is a true village pub where you can both enjoy a drink and eat well. The atmosphere is homely and friendly and the food good and honest.
  • Pizzeria La-ruota. Buon Appetito. Enjoy the taste of traditional pizza and a delicious fruity wine. With the candles flickering on the terrace, you’ll feel you’ve been transported to Sicily…and yet you are simply in charming Akkrum.
  • Restaurant Goerres. If you want a good restaurant with views out onto the water, then Goerres restaurant is the place. At the rear of the hotel is a beautiful, light conservatory with a sunny terrace on the water that can be enjoyed till late in the evening.

Takeaways near Akkrum

Not only will you enjoy going out for dinner in Friesland, but you’ll also love calling in at a Frisian ice-cream farm or getting a takeaway Indonesian meal from Toko Mardjantie in Akkrum. You can then enjoy your food relaxing on your own summery terrace or snuggled up by the warmth of your winter wood burner.

Pean-buiten will do all it can to ensure your stay in one of our water lodges is exactly how you want it, so please feel free to contact us before you come to find out what the possibilities are.